Best Way To Make Money Writing Articles – Even If Your A Complete Newbie

I know how you feel, trust me. I have been in the same seat as you, searching for the best way to make money writing articles and probably 20-30 more phrases. I could act like some of these so-called guru’s and tell you I could read your mind?

The joke doesn’t go too far considering the obvious name search engine and everyone who competed and over the age of 4 knows you type in a word and a page comes up with content correlating to your search. Well, to be technical, the search engine crawls hundreds of billions of pages using their web bots or spiders downloading pages and navigating through links. Sam Marsden wrote a great article about it here if you want to check it out.

best way to make money writing articles

Writing Articles

But that’s not what we’re here to talk about, so how about I talk about article writing and we both can go on with our day. Cool? Alright.

Best Way To Make Money Writing Articles

If you have not written articles online before, no worries, it’s not rocket science. But remember if you are trying to write articles specifically to make money then let’s make sure you understand a few things first.

As you know, there are several different ways for you to make money online, and writing articles is one of them. First, create a small business plan. After all, if you want to write articles for money, you are essentially creating a business. That business needs to be well-thought-out to be profitable.

Pick A Niche Or Topic

best way to make money writing articles

Let me give you an example; Are you knowledgeable on the subject of computers, cell phones, and software? If so, did you know that you can specialize in technical writing, which tends to pay more?

Do you want to stick with writing traditional web content or would you like to branch out to sales letters and press releases? The best way to make money writing articles is to try all avenues. Try outsourcing, shift subjects, etc.

To make the most money, you may want to consider trying all avenues of making money writing articles. It’s always a good idea to know what you’re going to be writing about since you will be writing about this topic for a while.

I think some people have this notion that they will just write a few articles and then sit back and profit from them? I wish it was that easy. (LOL) That is not the best way to make money writing articles, that’s for sure.

Freelance or Personal

Next, you will want to decide who you want to write for. Do you want to write for yourself or others and become a freelancer?

Know that each has its advantages and disadvantages. For example, if you use your articles to create a website that will make money through advertisements, it can take up to a year or more for you to start seeing a profit. (I’ll come back to that in a minute) On the other hand, if you obtain clients, and write articles for them,  you should be paid within 14 days, on average give or take.

You should also stop and think about how much money you want to make writing articles. Since you can write articles and work from home, you may be seeing huge dollar signs.

With that said, like any other legitimate work-at-home opportunity, you will not get rich right away. Web content articles vary greatly. Some writers charge $5 per page, while others can charge as much as $50 for a page.

Determining your rate ahead of time is not required, but it will help to ensure that you are paid what you are worth. Yes, you can raise or increase your rates, depending on the projects in question, but do not undersell yourself just to find a client who will pay you to write articles.

After all, you want to make money, not lose it right? At the very least, make sure you are making your state’s minimum wage (but I recommend adding $3-$5 to that).

Targeting Profitable Customers

If you do decide to write articles for others, as a freelancer, you will want to target either webmasters or SEO companies. Webmasters often look for article writers for content for their websites.

While SEO companies are hired by webmasters to market their sites and increase their search engine rankings.

Article writing is an important component of search engine ranking. Aside from outright targeting these individuals and companies, you can look for freelance job boards, visit freelance bidding websites, or create your website marketing your services. Take a look at Text Broker for an example.

Monetizing Articles

If you decide to write your articles, it is important to know that you have several different moneymaking options.

One of the easiest ways is to sell your content online. Some websites allow you to do so, but these websites tend to take a percentage of the sale.

There are also websites that either pay you outright or with a page view bonus for displaying your article on their website.

One of the most popular money making methods is Affiliate Marketing. You can sign up for an affiliate program related to your topic or niche, and promote as an affiliate.monetizing a website

You will be driving the traffic from your page to affiliate promotion. Most affiliate programs will give you some marketing tools (i.e. banner ads, image opt-in forms, lead pages, etc).

You will have an affiliate link embedded in the link the prospect clicks on and depending on the program (they all vary with different guidelines) and how long the cookie lasts, you’ll receive a commission.

You can read more about how exactly affiliate marketing works and why affiliate programs are good for any business here.

Another way is you can use your articles to create a content filled website. Advertising companies such as Google Adsense and Infolinks love content filled websites to plaster there ads all over.  For example, if you wrote articles on dog grooming, your website could have a generalized dog care theme. Later on, you can add additional content, such as articles that outline tips for choosing a vet and so forth.


As long as you are keeping the content relevant and related to the same topic, your good. With this approach, you can make quite a bit of money through advertisements. It doesn’t cost anything to sign up, you just need to be approved.

Google seems to give you a hard time approving your site unless it’s been ranked for a while and has a significant amount of content. But Infolinks is entirely different. I started with Infolinks after maybe just a few months with some of my sites! They were all about it. Which makes it a lot easier when you are first starting. You can check out Infolinks here and sign up for free.

As you can see, there are many different ways that you can make money writing articles.  You have the freedom to decide how you want to make money and can choose what to write about.


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  1. Coupled with being an affiliate marketer, I own an edutainment blog and I must say that articles are quite important in that area. Sometimes I write myself and other times, I outsource to freelancers. However, I must say that this post has been quite informative as I’ve been able to learn several things I didn’t know before about article writing. Additionally, I’ll follow the steps mentioned here to see how I can capitalize on monetizing my articles. 

  2. Never heard of info links before but that platform sounds pretty much a good one coming from how you have been able to benefit from it. The thing is that I am not so much of a writer yet. I am still developing that skill and I hope to really get better. Like you said, this post is for newbies like me so I guess it still counts. Thanks for the good information.

  3. If others would pay me for my articles and there is an opportunity for me to make use of that article personally, I think I would go with the probability of making use of this personally. I believe that working overtime would surely later yield meaningful means of earning adequate income. Thank you so much for sharing this out here. Thumbs up to you for sharing this out here. I really appreciate

  4. This is quite educative.

    I love to write articles especially on scientific stuffs but lack the skills to do so. And I also have the fear of not being seen or noticed by viewers online. I will try out the tips you have mentioned and I hope to have a successful website.

    Thanks for this information.

  5. Hello there, writing good contents for your site have been a big move to how fast your site grow, and many people who own a site need to undergo some form of training to help them become good in it as well. I love these tips you have given to help become a good content creator and something I know would help is monetizing the idea and when you have a targeted audience you’ll want to give a good result 

  6. I guess am really lucky yo stumble upon this awesome article, I just set up my website on relationship tips and its been difficult putting words together to put up a nice article to draw traffic. Since there seems to be ways in this article, I guess I will make a way to use it in writing up a nice article on my blog. I really appreciate your effort sharing this article

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best way to make money writing articles