Best Web Hosting Of 2020 – #1 Recommended

We live in a digital world where the landscape is changing not by the year or month, but by the day. Therefore when it comes to the best web hosting of 2020, I suggest you do your research. There are a lot of web hosting providers out there today that claim to offer the best for your business.Best Web Hosting of 2020

The truth is, whether you need an IT department full of professionals monitoring your site or if you operate a single page/landing format collecting information, the bottom line is, what do you want your first impression to be like with your customer?

Consequently, having the best web hosting in 2020 will assist you in making that great first impression.

Granted this day and age it is not far fetching to say you know how to create a website right? I mean with all the simple drag and drop page builder platforms, not code involved, such as CSS, HTML, JavaScript, PHP, etc, kind of makes decision-making a little more challenging right?

I mean what types of features should you be looking for when deciding on a hosting provider anyways?

Well, that all depends on what type of business you run and what type of website you need hosting.

The Basics

So let us go over the basics, whenever someone types in your domain name, it is converted into an IP address.

Then, the hosting company locates all the files connected to your IP address and comes back with all the pictures, the videos, and the words that make up your website. Simple enough right?

To last long term in business today you defiantly need a good hosting provider. They are responsible for your site’s ability to perform.

Since there are thousands of hosting services that you can choose from, you are able to be picky about which one you want to host your site with.

However, you must be very careful and read all the information about a web hosting service before you sign a contract with them. Perhaps the most important thing you must research is understanding all the technical features that your potential web host is offering you.

Technical Questions

When it comes to choosing the best web hosting in 2020, some key questions you need to ask your self are:

  • What type of website are you building? eCommerce, blog, portfolio, etc.
  • Based on the type website, what is the bandwidth needed to run your site
  • How many email accounts can you create?
  • What type of hosting options are available?
  • Do they charge for an SSL certificate?
  • Do they charge monthly or every 2 years?

Type Of Hosting

You are going to need to know what type of hosting you will need.

  • Shared – most common, suitable for most online business owners. Its affordable and server is reconfigured.
  • VPS – virtual private server: functionality, hosting id built on a cPanel and supports easy navigation and intuitive tools, one-click installs, like word press & magneto and has a clean interface
  • Dedicated – you can customize software and hardware to meet your needs, storage is all yours with unlimited resources offering you full control
  • Cloud Hosting – great for scalability, unmetered bandwidth and you won’t need to worry about your site ever going down

Just to name some key features of what to expect when choosing your hosting package. Depending on the amount of traffic you will be getting, the amount of content, the type of content any many more factors are at play.

Making The Choice

Choosing a hosting provider goes a lot further than affordability, it’s about ease of use, resources, customization, control, scalability, amount of bandwidth, functionality, and more.

Most importantly, when it comes to affiliate promotions and how saturated the market has become, having the best web hosting provider gives you more peace of mind when referring them through your affiliate links. You can read more here about affiliate marketing saturation.

But what about your hosting provider? I mean how do you really know who is the best web hosting of 2020, and not just another marketing guru trying to catch an affiliate sale?

I dug deep and pinpointed the most important aspects of web hosting to operate a small to medium-sized business. Whether it is a blog site, an affiliate site, review site, or typical standard size e-commerce site, I’ve put together the top 5.

Here are the 5 best website hosting services of 2020!


Coming In 1st Place is:

#1 Bluehost

best web hosting of 2020 bluehost

Bluehost has solutions for any small business, above all, their shared hosting and WordPress hosting plans. These affordable plans allow your website to grow as your business expands, plus they have un-metered storage and bandwidth. Bluehost is by far the best hosting provider and most affordable. rates Bluehost as the # 1 Hosting Provider. Read here

#2 HostGator

2nd best web hosting of 2020 Host Gator

HostGator offers a range of solutions, including three shared hosting plans. However, if you want to create an e-commerce website, you need the most expensive shared plan. Each shared plan offers unmetered disk space and bandwidth.

#3 GoDaddy

3rd best web hosting of 2020 GoDaddy

GoDaddy provides several web hosting packages to meet your small business needs, including shared, VPS, dedicated servers, WordPress, and reseller hosting. In addition to its complete web hosting solution, above all, it also offers domain registration services

#4 WestHost

 west host web hosting

WestHost is a THG company, offers shared, VPS, dedicated servers, cloud, and WordPress hosting. Unlike many competitors, it has a convenient product selector widget to help narrow down your choices and select the right web hosting product for your business. Furthermore, it allows for a better user experience all and all.

#5 InMotion

 InMotion web hosting

InMotion makes its mark with its affordable plans paired with its helpful features, InMotion Hosting is our choice as the best web hosting service for small businesses. Its plans have every feature we looked for, including unlimited emails, unlimited bandwidth, backups and restores, DDS protection, and an SSL certificate.


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6 thoughts on “Best Web Hosting Of 2020 – #1 Recommended”

  1. Wow! This is really interesting to see here and a very great attention to details. You have talked about the very best hosting platforms And I will say I have ti agree with you. Bluehost is definitely the best for me. I have two sites hosted on it already and I must say,they are faring quite well and doing very okay. Thanks for the post

    1. Hi Ella! I couldn’t agree with you more. Bluehost has been able to keep my site operational and protected from an hackers for years now. Thanks for your input!

  2. Hello Paul, it’s nice when you have a trusted hosting site to help you with your site and with that at hand, you tend to be relaxed when dealing with your business. Newbies in the game sometimes do not know the importance of an hosting site, but it’s very important that you are under one with a good security system. Bluehost is one of the best hosting sites that I trust to deliver good services and it’s security system just keeps your data safe from online hackers and all. It’s nice to be here

  3. Heloo, thanks for taking out time to share such a wonderful an educational article on best web hosting in 2020 for beginners to members of the public. In as much as hosting a website is important, using the best best type of hosting programme and also the best hosting provider is also very much important. Thanks for this insight i have learnt more on hosting.

    1. Thank you for the feedback. Yes, web hosting is very important and I strongly believe everyone should get as much info together prior to making a decision.

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