Hey guys. I’m Paul and I absolutely despise the corporate world to the core. I’m going to give you the short version of my story. I’m a happily divorced, single father who once worked day in and day out in the corporate world. I recently was running my own corp and life was OK, but you know what was still missing? FREEDOM! Let me dive in and tell you my story.

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I was in the construction field my whole life. I worked my way up to the supervisor and not long after built a business of my own. But then started getting sick and tired of the cut-throat games. Then one day that final cut-throat was the final nail in the coffin. I found out my business partner of 2 years had been embezzling from the company and I had no clue. After hiring a forensic accountant I learned the amount was estimated at just under 1.5 million dollars. Shortly after, I learned it would soon be the cause of the financial downfall of the company. But what it did do was give me an opportunity to try something new.

So there I was, looking up, “how to make money online”. (Who hasn’t searched that?) And I tried several businesses: MLM, dropped shipping, Amazon FBA, sold on eBay, you name it, I tried it. The problem was I was jumping into something I knew nothing about. I figured being a businessman who had run a multi-million dollar construction company it would be a piece of cake?

WRONG! It’s a business that has to follow specific steps just like any business in the physical world, the same rules apply. Just like the projects we did in constructions we had a set of Architectural prints, Engineering prints, scheduling, etc. There was a process. A proven method that worked, that all companies would go by. There were checks and balances, OSHA regulations to follow, supervisors licenses, inspections, permits, etc. And all of these things were in place for a good reason. So everything went as smoothly, as safe and as correct as possible.

Something I learned along the way is that we are humans and humans are not perfect. We are not designed to be perfect. We make mistakes and that’s OK. But as long as we learn from our mistakes and implicate a plan to prevent it from happening again is what will make the difference.

Which brings me to this thought. Everyone knows who Albert Einstein it and also is widely credited with saying, “One of the definitions of insanity is the act of doing the same thing over and over again, and expecting different results.” Think about that for a moment.


I began to study what others were doing online and what was working. I began to reach out to others that were doing YouTube ads, affiliate marketing, dropped shipping, etc. What I noticed was people were doing 1 of three things if not all.

  1. They were selling digital courses teaching people how to make money online. Either by Affiliate marketing, Internet Marketing, YouTube, Dropshipping, Amazon, etc.
  2. They were doing Affiliate marketing promoting peoples products either on their blogs or by doing a review about a product recommending it attaching their affiliate id.
  3. They were drop-shipping on Shopify or eBay or Amazon. Some were killing it if they scaled the business correctly and then some, well, not so good.

Oh, and then there is another class of interesting individuals that have been referred to as“Shovel Sellers”. Dan Kennedy explains it perfectly, it’s like during the gold rush, the ones making the most money were the ones selling the shovels. Today’s “Shovel Sellers” are selling you internet marketing strategies without actually using any of them themselves. We all have come across those types of people one time or another and you may not have even known it.

I decided I was going to go all in, but I wasn’t doing it blindfolded, so I studied day and night, I bought every course online I swear. Anything from get-rich-quick schemes, how to write your own E-books and publish them, multi-level marketing MLM, dropped shipping, amazon FBA, you name it I tried it. I spent about all the money I had left and was basically broke living out of my office. I still remember when I was selling my construction equipment from the parking lot just to pay the rent and the electricity.

There is a steep learning curve when it comes to any online business if you have never been involved with anything online before. But with the right information and the right tools, anyone is capable of it. Truth is If their’s one thing I have learned to be the most valuable piece of information when starting online is it is absolutely imperative to have the right blueprint in order to succeed online. It wasn’t until I finally realized I needed that right blueprint, the right tools, and the Skill Set before I was going to have any success. So I went back to the drawing board.

Not long after it hit me like a bag of bricks! The whole time it was staring right at me. I was reading it over and over again, while in search of this one secret to making money online and it was right their all along. Making money online doesn’t happen overnight, and there is no secret trick, push-button system, or formula that will help either. It all comes together when you create valuable content that people can actually find value in. You’re solving a problem for someone out there and it will continue to solve the problem day after day like clockwork.

So, invest the time needed to master your skills online. Become a pro. After all, you deserve it. And GO SLOW! When you start rushing, that’s when mistakes happen.master Then finesse your online skill-set allowing you to monetize everywhere you can, and then rinse and repeat.


The internet has opened doors of opportunity that I have never imagined. But it also has it’s dark sides full of deception, tricks performed by those pitching the “get-rich-quick” slogan. Stay focused and try your best to ignore the bright and shiny objects around you telling you they have a better way to get you where you want to be. There are wizards, congested of trickery trying to cast spells over you with bright flashy empty promises. (I took that from Russell Brunson’s book Dot Com Secrets, awesome book! Thanks, Russell!)

So beware and be on your game. If it sounds too good to be true, IT IS! THERE IS NO SUCH THING AS A PUSH BUTTON PROFIT SYSTEM! It takes work and dedication but I promise you, it’s worth it in the end.
If you ever have any questions, feel free to leave them below and I will be more than happy to reach out to you.my story

Don’t want success, become a success!
-Paul O

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