Promote Affiliate Links – These 3 Easy Ways


Has anyone told you that it’s a walk in the park to promote affiliate links and you’ll make a ton of cash? If so, I would do my best to stay far away from them, because they don’t have any idea what they are talking about.

I’ll explain 3 easy ways to effectively promote affiliate links below.

Promote Affiliate Links That Will Get You Results

The concept appears simple at first right? Promote affiliate links on your blog site, website, people will click on them and there you will be compensated for your efforts. Well sure, it probably would be if you magically directed all the traffic interested in your topic to your site with a quick snap of the finger?

Unfortunately, it takes more effort than that and it continues to get more challenging.

Promoter And Consumer

First, you should take yourself out of the role of the promoter and put your self in the shoes of the consumer. Now that you are looking through the eyes of the consumer, you can visualize what efforts could be made to entice you to click on an affiliate link?

Sometimes it gets confusing when you always are sitting in the marketing chair.

Product Reviews Or Comparison

The consumer is on your page looking for an answer, an opinion, a comparison, something to finally make up his or her mind on making a purchase on a product or service.Product Reviews

So if you are looking for the best handheld wireless shaver, you are most likely going to look up reviews, a specific brand, and model you have heard about to get just a little more information and seal the deal before you decide to pull out your CC.

Posting a product review or a comparison to another product is very effective. Do not recommend a product for the sake of trying to earn an affiliate commission, that is unethical. You can write a product review that is true and not in the best interest of the consumer, but then you can do a comparison to another similar product that you highly recommend and persuade them to check it out further. You know the drill – just make sure that you always say good things regarding your affiliate product or service.

Additionally, all affiliate programs (Amazon, Click Bank, CJ Affiliate, etc) all have what are called “cookies” which is a specific number of days that the browser will be linked to your affiliate # issued by the program or vendor, so even if they do not purchase that day, but go back in a week say, you will still earn your commission.

You can read more about affiliate programs and earning more profits here. 

Using the Power Of Emotion

showing emotions to promote affiliate links

Showing emotion of some sort is a very effective way to direct your readers where you want them to go. For example:

You are currently promoting an X box website that caters to online gamer’s. The products range from X box accessories to online downloadable games. You may be writing an article about your everyday living experience, sort of journal-like website. So how would you shift your article or blog to drive traffic to the affiliate site where a purchase can be made through your link? It is pretty simple.

You could make your entry saying – “you were bored, looking for something to do when luckily your cousins stopped in to show you their new X box!

So you quickly set up the console and played to your heart’s out until content!

You must emphasize how you have enjoyed the experience, hence, now you are longing to buy yourself that same console. You will then mention how they will save money or get a great deal by clicking on a link bringing them to a specific site and they make an order.

Sending Readers To Product Affiliate Sites

There are more opportunities to promote affiliate links on an affiliate product site than most other places online. Tom Harris explains perfectly what a product affiliate site is here. Promoting your affiliate sites can simply start by enticing your website visitors to try out a particular product you are recommending.

If you are running a blog site, you can simply shift your entries to the product’s advantage. Keeping your readers engaged and explaining to them why they should go check out this affiliate product site. (of course your not going to call it that, you would simply refer to the product recommendation)

Blog Marketing

promote affiliate links

If you are running a blog site, you can again, simply make an adjustment to your entries to the product’s advantage. That’s when you can again introduce an affiliate website that you have or direct them to an offer.

You can write a blog post about how to lose belly fat and in the article, you may recommend a specific product that is best for losing belly fat. Maybe it helps reduce water mention or something along those lines. But as long as it is related to your topic and brings value to the reader, your moving in the right direction.

Also, there is no pressure on your part and the effect will be colossal. You can promote affiliate links by simply using your blog to your advantage. It is like telling a story and at the same time, enticing to your target audience. That’s what I call effective blog marketing at it’s finest.


Establishing yourself in the affiliate marketing world is no easy task. However, once you have, the rewards are much greater than one could usually expect. Ask your friends or family for advice. Ask them to be the consumer or reader and promote affiliate links with passion. Your products and affiliate marketing sites have the potential to get you that success you want.

The other way to also get your content out there and on more eyes is to submit your posts to article directories. Even if you are a complete newbie, you can get on board with this train.  To read more about making money writing articles click here.

Thanks for stopping in. If you have any questions please leave them in the comment section below and I’ll be sure to respond!

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8 thoughts on “Promote Affiliate Links – These 3 Easy Ways”

  1. Paul, I couldn’t agree with you more. Establishing yourself in the beginning is not easy at all, but then again, affiliate marketing is not a get rich quick scheme. I think a lot of people have a negative opinion about it because they don’t what it is, or they went into it thinking that they would post a few reviews on a website and make money right away. It doesn’t work that way and requires hard work, just like any other business. 

  2. Affiliate marketing is not in any way easy to get at rated with and with proper planning and diligence, there is every possibility that one would be able to achieve excellence over time. However, there us a need to be constant and stay positive with the products being marketed as that can also help to build the right needs energy to succeed. Thanks

  3. I can’t agree with you less here. Like you pointed out, setting oneself up in the world of affiliate marketing is not a walk in the park and it needs a whole lot of determination to go and get it. At the end of the day, everyone is only trying to mean something out there and win a big space for their business in the internet. I like to think that I’m a newbie and I have so much to learn. I’ve learnt a couple of things today. Thanks

  4. Hello there,I must say you have done a great job by sharing this awesome article I know it would help a lot of persons …Promotion can never be a walk in the park. That’s what most of us say. Promoting somebody else’s site for instance makes it much harder for you to attest for the said website. Simply that’s how affiliate marketing works by the way. You are tasked to promote a certain website through your own website. It may sound like a hard task but in reality, that is not true it’s fairly simple if you just follow the tips on this article…thanks for sharing

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