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If you are a content creator, then you have a pretty good idea of how imperative it is to be sure that your audience can find your content. You work very hard providing your readers with answers to their problems. You know that they are going to come to google, yahoo, or Bing search bar in the hope find the answers to their problems. When trying to search keywords website to create your content it can get overwhelming and some times frustrating. Bottom line, most important aspect to bring in the right audience, KEYWORDS.

Search Keywords

Now if you have been looking for the next big thing to add to your arsenal of Keyword and SEO tools, look no further. The one and only FREE SEARCH Keywords Website tools, Jaaxy.


search keywords website


I present to you

Jaaxy keyword tool, start your search for (30 free keywords) here


What’s Jaaxy?

Jaaxy is by far the most used, SEO, and keyword tool. It’s like have a pistol in the back pocket, to search keywords websites used by content creators just like you! Finding quality and rankable keywords will not only assist you in getting higher rankings on search engines but to also cover the 4 most important elements in a quality keyword is next to none.

4 Most important Elements In A Quality Keyword

Monthly searches: Knowing what the monthly searches give you a great start to finding keywords that are popular and will assist in the amount of traffic you drive to your site.

KQI (Keyword Quality Index): Under this column, you will find what the keyword quality measure is for PPC or SEO. Analyze your list and understand the metric behind the scenes with jaaxy.

QSR (Quoted Search Result): Reading the results of quality searches can aim you right where your competitors are and better. You will determine your competition and know where you will rank if they are used. Getting an inside peek prior to putting content out, gives you an unfair advantage. That is what you call quality search results with Jaaxy!

SEO (Search Engine Optimization): Of course SEO will decide your rankings, and better rankings mean more traffic. Well, and more traffic means, more money for you. Which is a win with your affiliate programs! You can read more about earning bigger profits with affiliate programs here. 

A Good Insight On SEO

Without a doubt, the element that differentiates it from other types of writing (such as editorial or assessment writing) is that the primary reason for copywriting is to call humans to action. When a reader finishes analyzing your copy, they ought to take the preferred action. Think of this as the ultimate section of your copywriting process. Your phrases lead the reader on a journey, then they take the last step themselves.

You can get started with your 30 FREE keyword search here.


6 thoughts on “Search Keywords Website For FREE – #1 Tool To Search Keywords”

  1. Hello there thanks for this review. It was helpful. This is an interesting tool. I know a couple of friends who have used this keyword too and they all share  wonderful experience with it. I think this application is worth given a try even though i have not used it before. Thanks once again for review.

  2. Cool idea to review Jaaxy. Isnt Jaaxy absolutely super cool. I love the way it tells us what is important on the internet. What’s hot and what’s not. It is the perfect internet tool for research on keywords. Wealthy Affiliates is a platform that has Jaaxy embedded for free. 

    I have been using it for all my keyword searches.  I especially like the Niches tab and the assistance it gives us.

    Well done and keep writing whenever possible.


  3. Hello there! thanks for this awesome review. I heard lots of amazing testimonies about Jaxxy from friends and I finally decided to sign up for this platform and I was glad I did. Jaxxy gets the job done as a keyword research tool. It provides features that can help in finding low-hanging keywords to rank a website.

    1. Absolutely. And a lot of people don’t know how to properly use all the functions in Jaaxy. Alphabet soup is probably my favorite. Just enter your keyword in and search and then it will add words onto the keyword from A – to – Z. Priceless! Thanks for sharing!

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